Bea Guudspace

Sesión de fotos en colaboración con Beatríz Ramírez, Dietista, Nutricionista y creadora del blog guudSpace.


La finalidad de las fotos fue reforzar el branding del blog y aportar personalidad visual.

Photoshoot in collaboration with Beatríz Ramírez, Dietitian, Nutritionist and creative director of the guudSpace blog.


The shoot took place in Madrid. My goal was helping Bea create a brand out of her blog, by adding colourful, catchy and fun images.

guudSpace 2

«Milena is a true artist. The #1 thing that I loved the most when working with her, is hands down her flexibility. She went along with all my crazy ideas for the photoshoot and was able to transform my ordinary apartment into a beautiful space with her ability to work with lights.


The post process was also such a breeze, she was kind enough to send me several edited versions so I could compare them and see which fit best with the design of my blog. She is meticulous and a perfectionist who only wants to be able to provide the best quality to her clients.«

Beatríz Ramírez